Vorige residenties


From April 3 until April 30 2017 Frederik De Wilde is in residency at iMAL, where he will work together with Pieter Heremans on his new installation 'The Council'.


From March 6 until March 24 2017 Marcio Ambrisio is in residency at iMAL, where he will work together with Yacine Sebti on his interactive installation 'MOVIOLA'.


Sandrine Morgante & Martin Pirson are in residency at iMAL to work on 'Infinite Jest'.


Gaëtan Rusquet en Yann Leguay zijn van 27 t/m 29 oktober 2016 in residentie in iMAL, waar ze verder werken aan hun installatie 'Meanwhile'. Deze residentie eindigt met een publiek toonmmoment in IMAL op zaterdag 29 oktober 2016, tussen 13:00 en 18:00.


From October 19 until 21 2016 Christl Lidl is in residency at iMAL, working on her pojcet 'VME - AR/Prototype'.


Gaëtan Rusquet is in residency at iMAL from October 10 to 12 2016 to work on his new project 'As We Were Moving Ahead Occasionally We Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty'.


From August 29 until September 11 2016, Françoise Berlanger and Gilbert Nouno are in residency at iMAL, preparing the electronic operetta 'Iwona'.


Van 16 t/m 26 augustus is Jo Caimo in residentie in iMAL. Tijdens deze 10-daagse residentie zal hij verder werken aan zijn project 'Mens Orgel Concert', samen met Sjoerd Leijten.


Van 2 t/m 7 augustus 2016 is Stéfan Piat in residentie in iMAL ter voorbereiding van zijn project 'NightShift'.


iMAL invited Tobias Sternberg, a Swedish artist living in Berlin, for a short research residency in July to experiment with digital fabrication. 

Over residenties

iMAL is een laboratorium en een werkplaats voor kunstenaars in residentie. Er bestaan twee soorten residenties: de Onderzoek&Experiment- en de Productieresidentie. De eerste soort residentie...



In the frame of Brussels Design September, the fablabs and makerspaces of Brussels join forces for a double program with an exhibition (September 14-30 2017) and an open door weekend (September 16-17 2017).

Between September 15 and September 30 2017 they present a selection of the works by their members at "100 % Made in Brussels", an exhibition at...

On June 13, iMAL will participate with many other actors to this event on Smart City and (digital) Cultures at Flagey. We will have an exhibition, a presentation workshop on our digital cultures activities, and a round table around digital preservation with Packed. Check the programme on smartcity.brussels.

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