Reclaim the web!

Saturday, 24 November 2018 | 00:00
Reclaim the web!
Discover and experience the P2P web!

Today, major parts of our (online) lives rely on platforms and tools developed by only a handful of internet companies. Numerous scandals and controversies in the recent years have raised awareness on the profound power imbalance inherent to this model. A "feudal internet"1 of authoritarian centralised applications2.

This leads to a growing discontent. We feel powerless3 over the ethics, policies and design of platforms that appear inescapable.

It's time to reclaim our online lives and re-enchant the web! Not by a nostalgic return to yesterday's internet, but with exciting new proposals for a decentralised and distributed future.

During Reclaim the web!, you will discover the peer-to-peer web, an alternative to our current system, where anyone can share data, publish websites and apps from their own computer, without relying on any centralised server or service.

The afternoon will start the day with a series of presentations by developers and artists who are already working, today, with these new technologies. To explore the subject deeper, we will continue with hands-on workshops and round tables. More details soon!

Everyone is welcome to Reclaim the web!, without prior experience or knowledge required.

Practical Info

Location: to be announced

Free access!