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4 November - 14 November 2016

With 'Change Everything Forever' by Furtherfield, 'Blockchain, an architecture of control?' by Louise Drulhe, ‘V-formation, a freedom coop’ by Sue Ferge, and Pieter Heremans' experimental visualisation of Faircoin blockchain transactions.

10 February - 8 April 2016

Wannes Missotten's and Torri Nickmans' plug.2 is an intriguing hybrid installation in which audiovisual threads form a scattered but dense loop carpet. At the vernissage (10 February), the installation will host an obstructive performance by the sound-duo Kire Noisemachine....

22 October - 22 November 2015

An installation by Philippe Elipeo showing his latest Protomorphic Sculptures, large 3D prints presented here in a composition playing on optical illusion, mirrors and the ambiguity between real and computed images.

25 June - 4 September 2015

"I AM LOOKING AT A ROOM" is the result of a collaboration between the audiovisual collective TRIPOT (Marius Packbier en Aïlien Reyns) and the visual artist Laurent Trezegnies.

1 July - 15 September 2014

An installation at the crossroads of sculpture, mapping and animation film. Antonin De Bemels transforms a wood sculpture into a living dummy, that tries desperately to find out whether it is human or not.

5 June - 23 August 2013

This first version of a series of assemblages is part of a research around versioned physical artworks, led by Raphaël Bastide since 2012. Révisable 1 focuses on making modifications of a versioned object accessible, and on the publication of its history. The artwork...

18 January - 10 February 2012

Smart architecture is the future. This is what demonstrate Elise Elsacker and Yannick Bontinckx with their Kinetic Pavilion, a structure that can react to wheater conditions, human movements, social media and certainly much more.

29 September - 4 November 2011

Quix presents a new series of small-scale works with his algorithmic and minimal compositions. He explores new modes of perception - near analog - while proposing a new exhibition format.

14 June - 12 August 2011

Mixing humour and information feeds, Véronika introduces two facetious installations: the world news shake a poor puppet and twitter messages make up a generic landscape where the most important is saved, all is going well...

8 February - 24 February 2011

For this second "Showcase", iMAL invites Vincent Evrard to present Aphrogenea, an installation that plunges a computer into a bath of sterile oil. Kept "alive" by this unusual biotope, bits of breathing are...