Multimedia artist, guitarist and composer of electronic and acoustic sound. An active member internationally in micromusic as the audio-visual project noteNdo, solo work and collaborations as Odea Duo Vii, HD and Wzt Hearts, Donaldson’s work encompasses a broad spectrum of audio-visual composition and improvisation. In 2001, with the intent to create animation entirely with his own hardware modifications, he began preparing NES consoles. There is no new code involved, only raw, machine logic. This work has led to international recognition in new media art and a continuing pursuit of the untapped potential of rewiring consumer electronics to create fresh, new work.

RESET v2.0 for 2 Prepared Nintendo Entertainment Systems, 2009
2 Prepared Nintendo Entertainment Systems, lasers, custom electronics, fog machine

In RESET v2.0, each NES console has been prepared to instigate generative system crashes/malfunctions which are triggered by laser light. As the participant walks through the installation space/laser field, different audio-visual effects are produced when different beams are obstructed. The work is inspired by system glitches, or imperfections, which are unique to the 8-bit NES hardware. In provoking these errors, abstract and colourful effects, unintended by the commercial systems designers, are produced.

Courtesy: the artist
Acknowledgements: Joey Mariano, Wil Lindsay, David Clayton