23 Feb. 2011

The French duo chdh starts a residency at iMAL to develop their new audiovisual performance "Égrégore". Spread in 2 weeks, their residency will end with a first presentation at iMAL in June 2011. More info here...

26 Jan. 2011

The residency of Boris and Brecht Debackere at iMAL for working on their project Vector started end of December and is ending today, 26.1.2011. Vector is produced by Cimatics with support from VAF.

21 Jan. 2011

The annual seminar of Erg Art School will explore from 2 to 4 February 2011 at Halles de Schaerbeek the rich and complex relationships between BODY and MACHINE. The installation The Gate will be used as a plateform of performances between the real and virtual worlds. More on the programme détaillé.

13 Jan. 2011

Marcio Ambrosio (BR/BE) is in residency at iMAL for the whole month of January to work on the production of his new installation 12i in collaboration with Yacine. More here

28 Oct. 2010

The projects made by the workshop participants during Artvertising Brussels are online. Check them here!

28 Oct. 2010

The light installation City Sleep Light has received an honorary mention at the DIGITAL TURKU 2011. This project by Antoine Schmitt (FR) has been produced for the Media Facades Festival 2010 by iMAL and shown in Brussels...

13 Oct. 2010

The Gate, an installation by Yves Bernard and Yannick Antoine, connecting Second Life and Real Life is exhibited at the 8th Shanghai Biennale! You can join us in RL or SL for the opening on Oct. 23, or with the visitors up 23 Jan. 2011. More info.

11 Oct. 2010

The final project of the Toxic Lesbian collective, produced in collaboration with Medialab-Prado, iMAL and Public Art Lab during MFF 2010, will be presented at the...

15 Aug. 2010

The Art&D project DarkMatr by Tom Heene and his team is presented at the E-Culture Fair during ISEA2010 in Dortmund, August 2010. DarkMatr was supported by 3 residencies (with public presentation) at iMAL in 2009.

1 Aug. 2010

Marie-Laure will be presenting the Brussels part of the Media Facades Europe 2010 during the Upgrade! Berlin meeting this 22nd of July. More info on Upgrade! Berlin and Media Facades websites.