6 Dec. 2012

The Jury of NTAA elected Nihil ex Nihilo, the work of Félix Luque as the 2012 award winner! The public price was awarded to two works: Static by Wim Janssen and Euthanasia Coaster by Julijonas Urbonas. More on

11 Nov. 2012

On Saturday DEC 8, iMAL will host the Creative Commons Belgium Re-Launch event! Creative Commons worldwide is celebrating its 10th birthday and Creative Commons Belgium is rebooting it's affilation, we believe this calls for a party! Register and more on

1 Nov. 2012

On Nov. 8 2012, FabLab.iMAL will be present at KIKK International Digital Festival (Namur) with a 3d printing workshop. And on Nov. 10-11, we will be at the Festival of Creativity organised by Flanders DC in Turnhout showing PATMAP of Marcio Ambrosio.

8 Sep. 2012

After bar.temp#2 at iMAL, bar.temp#3 will be at the Bozar Electronic Arts Festival 2012 proposing its blend of media and electronic cultures in a cosy atmosphere. Check also the 3d printing workshops we will do there! More on and  Bozar.

13 Aug. 2012

The 4-year project European Urban Media Network for Connecting Cities receives funding from the EU Culture Programme and Yves will represent iMAL at the kick-off meeting at m-cult in Helsinki, August 23-24, 2012. The project builds on experiences from Media Facades Festival Europe 2010, and extends the partner network to 11 organisations.

27 Jul. 2012

Ulrich Fischer author of Walking the Edit, a locative media cinema generated by walking in a specific territory with a smartphone, started the production of the Brussels version with a group of 6 local artists. The project will be exhibited during the update_4 biennial featuring the New Technological Art Awards nominees both at iMAL and Gent (opening on September 21 in Brussels).

26 Jun. 2012

Flemish Minister of Culture Joke Schauvliege kills arts experimentation and innovation in Brussels.

End of June, Joke Schauvliege confirmed the final rankings of the various arts sectors advise commissions which were published a few weeks before. This was the last step of a long procedure for the renewal process of multiannual structural fundings for many art&cultural organisations in Flanders and Brussels (2013-2016). The results are terrible for many Brussels-based organisations...

6 Jun. 2012

iMAL hosts the shooting of the masterclass Tous pour l'art produced by Arte and ZDF and led by Angel Vergara. The Master Class will end with a short exhibition of the participants projects visible the time of a vernissage on Wedn. June 13th from 7pm.

27 May. 2012

Yves will be part of the Connecting Cities panel at the symposium Tools for an unknown Future, May 28-30, organised by MUTEK just before the Festival 2012, Montreal.

11 May. 2012

On Monday 21/5, 20:00 @ iMAL, VLEK & Herrmutt Lobby present  for he very first time to the public Beatsurfing, a musical iPad App.
This Belgium-made application lets you design MIDI instruments from the ground up and then play them in a unique way using your fingers and bringing back a human touch and feel to your MIDI habits. More info, videos & interviews on