12 December 2001

The Parisian artist Servovalve explores the interaction between sound, image, and the computer. In this performance he controls a live computer process during which semi-autogenerating visual abstractions combine with techno-industrial rhythms, sonorous densities...

30 November - 1 December 2001

Rencontres et ateliers trans- et pluridisciplinaires dans le cadre des Colloques de Bruxelles sur l'Art Contemporain (COBRAC): "Le corps et son autre"

7 October 2000

In the exhibition space of CONTinENT (Brussels), Franky DC, painter and object maker, controls his webcam to broadcast on Internet pictures of his well-defined territory. There he creates his "objects of transfiguration" with a double life: physical and virtual.

8 September - 12 October 2000

CONTinENT exhibitions in Brussels and Helsinki present new interactive media art works from Belgium, Finland and France.