12i, an interactive installation that revisits the zoetrope with humour

12i is a nod to the inventors of film animation, a modern interpretation of the traditional zoetrope* using today’s technology.
A humorous and poetical back and forth between past and present.
The installation aims to immerse the audience in a magical universe by giving them the lead role in the “wheel of life”.
In 12i, participants are invited to create their own dance move animation in 12 images that will be displayed on a modernized zoetrope, an augmented sculpture mixing sounds and visuals. 12i is an interactive and participative sculptural installation fed by participants personal animations.
The installation takes place in two parts, the capture studio (REC) and the cinematic sculpture (PLAY).
In the REC space, the subject is asked to record their own dance move animation in a sequence of 12 images through a screen-camera display. They can choose between a selection of themes or create freestyle animation.
After recording a sequence of 12 images, the subject receives an ID ticket and enters the PLAY zone with the cinematic sculpture. When scanning the ticket on to the 12i zoetrope, the sculpture displays their personal animation combined with the one of other participants with the same theme and mixed with sound and visuals. Processing real time content, 12i zoetrope provides an interactive display of audio-visual elements activated by the audience.
12i faithfully applies the principles of classic animation through splitting a movement into 12 static images in order to make a perfect loop. It is combining the working of a zoetrope - which is the rotation of 12 images giving the illusion of movement - with today’s technology. As when the zoetrope was invented, 12i applies the phenomenon of persistence of vision, revisited by the use of 2 projection sources to produce the illusion of movement thus creating a magical experience.
The installation is completed by the real time web sharing of users' animations on

Audience Experience

There are two ways to interact with 12i, a passive and an active one.

The zoetrope is autonomous. Without interaction, it creates presets of animation, mixing sounds, visuals and audience animation loops that are already stored in its memory.
The zoetrope is a living sculpture that everybody can watch.

But it can be a complete interactive experience where the visitor is invited to participate and record their personal body movement in a 12-images animation loop.
After recording, the participant will receive an ID ticket to view the result of their animation on the zoetrope.
When looking through the sculpture’s peephole*, they’ll see themselves placed in a film set inspired by the theme they chose.
Each peephole offers a different set.

Once they left the installation, participants can see their own animation again on the 12i website by entering their ID number and can share it with friends. Their experience will remain part of the "wheel of life" in an endless motion.


Expo Mens en Machine - De Warande - 16.03 - 15.05 - 2016 (Turnhout, Belgium)

Solo exhibiton - SESC Belenzinho - 01.01 - 31.03 - 2013 (São Paulo, Brazil)

UPDATE_4 Biennial- 22.09 - 18.11 - 2012 (Gent, Belgium)
Festival anima Mundi 2012- 13.07 - 29.07 - 2012 (Rio de janeiro e São Paulo, Brazil)
Solo exhibiton - iMAL > 08.03 - 25.03 - 2012 (Brussels, Belgium)
Solo exhibiton - LIEU MULTIPLE > 10.04 - 22.04 - 2012 (Poitiers, France)

Rumos - Arte Cybernética - Institut Itaú Cultural (São Paulo, Brazil)





12i is designed and produced by Marcio Ambrosio [download Marcio Ambrosio CV]
in collaboration with Yacine Sebti, Sophie Klecker and Décio Ambrosio

12i was supported by


Special thanks to : Ricardo & Estella Piccin, Guida, Leo, Joe & Anne Klecker, André V. Perrotta, Davi Souza, Almeida, Marcelo & Renato da Images, Yves Bernard, Marie-Laure, GG & François, Greg, Maria Thedim, Rogs, Wilma, Alex Kaos.