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25 June - 4 September 2015

TRIPOT & Laurent Trezegnies

"I AM LOOKING AT A ROOM" is the result of a collaboration between the audiovisual collective TRIPOT (Marius Packbier en Aïlien Reyns) and the visual artist Laurent Trezegnies.


10 September - 18 October 2015

Exhibition by Grégory Chatonsky and Dominique Sirois

An exhibition by Grégory Chatonsky and Dominique Sirois on posthuman archeology.

30 October - 31 October 2015

International symposium

In the continuation of their 2015 collaborative program on Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age, iMAL and Packed announce the first international symposium in Brussels on the issues of preservation of born-digital culture and of its public access. The symposium proposes a unique panel of thinkers and doers, archivists, curators, media theorists, artists, conservators and researchers who will share for and with art and culture professionals their vision and experience.

Connecting Cities 2015

24 September - 24 October 2015

Workshops, public events, performances

After Networked City in 2013 and Participatory City 2014, this year's curatorial theme of INVISIBLE and VISIBLE Cities 2015 aims to develop an awareness of the underlying data and technologies of modern cities, which are almost invisible to the eye.

24 September - 26 September 2015

A project by Ricardo O'Nascimento

A workshop and urban performance on smart garments and generative patterns.

3 October - 4 October 2015

A project by Mark Shepard, Julian Oliver, Moritz Stefaner

FALSE POSITIVE deploys text messaging, stealth infrastructure, street intervention, and data visualization to enact a surveillance conspiracy engaging the public in an intimate, techno-political conversation with the mobile technologies on which they depend.

Saturday, 24 October 2015 | 00:00

A project by xm:lab

Discover sounds, images and other documents from the Brussels' past and the present through your mobile phone and the Hybrid Player application. Get all the information to build it yourself and use it in other contexts!


15 September - 29 September 2015

Introduction to lasercutting, 3D printing & CNC milling

Do you want to make your own projects with the fantastic tools of FabLab.iMALYou'll first need to learn some basic skills by following our introductory workshop!


14/07/2015 - 14/08/2015
Initiated in 2005, the Summer Digital Art Workshops go on with this 10th year! Join us for an inspiring summer under the digital sun....
To finish the exhibition on a high note, we invite you for an evening of performances with Valentina Vuksic's "Tripping Through...
13/05/2015 - 14/06/2015
Anarchronism, a portmanteau of "anachronism" and "anarchy", is an exhibition of "neo-analogue" artworks that disrupt the binary logic...
Code, Arts & Crafts is a creative platform where artists, designers, makers and students can develop, share and reflect upon their...


01/07/2015 - 31/08/2015
From the beginning of July to the end of August 2015 Yann Leguay is in residency at iMAL, where he develops the DIRECT OUT project for...
30/06/2015 - 12/07/2015
From June 30 until July 12 2015 Audrey Harlange, Rachid Moro and Lucie Ducenne are in residency at iMAL to develop their audiovisual...
11/06/2015 - 28/06/2015
From June 11 until June 28, Yann Deval, Aurélien Merceron, Christophe Monchalin, Boris Wilmot, Thomas Fage and Stéphane Laplatte (...
25/05/2015 - 09/06/2015


The project CASTII initiated by iMAL was accepted for funding by the government of the Brussels-Capital Region for the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 !
This decision opens a exciting future for iMAL confirming the center as a European leader for Arts, Sciences & Technologies as well as an actor for innovation and social inclusion in Brussels !

The ERDF support will be partly...

CycleHack is a global movement that is on a mission to make the world more sustainable through reducing the barriers to cycling. FabLab.iMAL contributes to this movement by offering its infrastructure to the participants.


Between April and September 2015 Lucille Calmel is in residency at the Centre Puertas de Castilla in Murcia (ES), where she will develop new work and also perform several creations a.o. "sansespace" (2014) and "based on an almost true story. S02", the work she worked on at iMAL, while in residency here last March. More info: